Welcome to Elevated.Blog

Welcome everybody and thank you for visiting my site. Over the past couple days, I have been spending my time adding content and redesigning http://www.elevated.blog. I work a full-time job and on-call 24/7. This is just a hobby in my free time.

The main idea behind Elevated Aesthetics is to present the world with the new age of art. We still value painting, sketching, and anything of that sense. However, the advance in technology has allowed us to create new types of art that could have never been done before. Microscope lens for cameras, drones, 3D animation software, 3D printers, and even virtual reality headsets are just a few of mediums available that weren’t even available 10 years ago.

We can now take microscopic pictures of nearly anything and study from a completely new perspective. We can fly drones high over places where we could never fly before. We can create animations that look mind-blowing real when we’ve only had computers less than 50 years. It’s stunning what we can do and it can be very aesthetically pleasing.

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